Riverside RDA

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50th Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate the RDA's 50th Birthday in 2019:

  • Riders at Riverside decided were set an Endeavour Achievement based on 50, which would be worked on over the year during the riding sessions and then evaluated towards the end of the year. There was a range of ideas including steering through 50 cones off the lead rein or on as needed by the rider, trotting for 50 strides, cantering while counting to 50, holding the reins correctly while sidewalkers counted to 50, riding independently for 50 seconds and for the ambitious ones jumping 50 cms. I am delighted to say that all the riders achieved their goal and were awarded the special Endeavour Award Certificate and a badge.
  • Wrote down one thing they loved about RDA on a post it note and then we mounted 50 of them for a display
  • Collected 50p pieces in a bucket
  • During the birthday celebration week the riders undertook the Riverside 50 Challenge which was using a wide range of school movements and steering round, over and through the number 50 made up of poles and cones on the floor.
  • Wished the RDA "Happy Birthday".