Riverside RDA

Together We Achieve More

Riding at Riverside RDA

Riding must be fun at all costs. Riverside RDA is a place of great achievement, we encourage our riders to reach for the stars,  where new friendships are made, confidence gained and medical conditions are often improved.  Riders are assessed before joining the group so that we can determine the best horse or pony for them and the best lesson format.  As well as lessons, our riders can progress to competition level if they desire but there is no pressure to compete.  We attend the Regional Qualifiers and the National Championships if our riders qualify.  We also take part in on line dressage throughout the year.

Lessons at Riverside are tailored to the individual rider's needs and, dependent on disabilities and capabilities, riders learn how to

  • mount and dismount safely,
  • make the horse move forward and halt,
  • travel over poles and progressing to jumping,
  • move through the horse's paces from walking to trotting to cantering,
  • care for a horse's basic needs,
  • ride safely on bridle paths and through the countryside.
  • tack and untack
  • some riders eventually become volunteers at the group