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Endurance at Riverside

All of our riders enjoy their endurance rides, either along the riverside or up through the woods.

Last year RDA National launched a Grass Roots League where RDA riders could have their distances logged and recorded and they received rosettes marking their progress along the way. Every rider received at least one distance rosette but many achieved much more.

We had introduced our own Endurance Rewards Scheme before the Grassroots one which we have continued to run alongside the Grass Roots. Riders receive a Book Mark Award and a Smelly Sticker for every 5km they achieve.



Alex with his Endurance Certificates


The final Grassroots placings for 2019 saw 14 of our riders in the top 25. Well done to them and the volunteers that helped them achieve this. 

We were delighted but amazed when we received the following message........

A message from Endurance GB:

 Congratulations on the tremendous achievements of some of your riders in the RDA Grassroots Endurance League.  You may be aware that RDA has been working closely with Endurance GB (the governing body for endurance riding in the UK) in developing both our own endurance programme and para endurance as a national sport. Endurance GB (EGB) have therefore been aware of the progress of the RDA Grassroots league and have been very impressed with its success.

 As part of the development of para endurance, Endurance GB launched the TORQ Fitness Para-Endurance National League in 2018. This league awards annual points and mileage for rides completed under EGB rules.  All participants achieving the relevant annual distance receive distance awards. After discussions with the sponsor (TORQ Fitness, who also supported the endurance class at RDA National Championships this year) we are delighted to announce that EGB and TORQ Fitness would like to include RDA members in the distance awards for the National Para-Endurance League. The awards are as follows: Level 1/Grassroots – 30-50k; Level 2/Bronze – 51k-80k; Level 3/Silver 81k-160k; Level 4/Gold 161k plus.

This meant that 8 of our riders received congratulatory rosettes sponsored by TORQ Fitness as part of the EGB Para-Endurance League: 

In January Riverside Endurance Riders were featured in the Endurance GB Magazine.