Riverside RDA

Together We Achieve More


Isabelle has ridden with us for two years now and she has made amazing progress. 

When she first rode she had to have music playing from the phone which was in her hood, now she rides quite happily along the track and back.

Below are some comments her mum has made and shared with us about Isabelle's riding experience.

After one of her first rides - 

"Loves Shandy and having lots of giggles with the girls "

The next comment needs no explanation.

"So so happy and impressed with Isabelle's progress here. Today she went further, with no music and she had still hands (which never happens, she normally taps constantly because of Rett syndrome)"

And a very recent comment from both Isabelle herself and her mum.

"As soon as Isabelle got in the car after riding Shandy she said 'that good good good' I asked her if she worked hard and she said 'not' 

She went on to tell me horse riding was 'favourite happy more good good'
on her eye gaze computer.

Thank you RDA and Shandy for making Isabelle's Saturday mornings so much fun, (whilst also making her much stronger)"