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Our Horses and Ponies

Adopt a Pony/Horse

Our seven happy ponies and horses come in all shapes and sizes and are selected for their calm temperament and patience with our riders.

 It costs a lot of money each year to keep a horse for the RDA.  If you would like to sponsor £300 a year towards the upkeep of a horse or a pony and make a big difference please click here.

Or you might like to adopt a horse or a pony and become involved this way - it makes a great gift!


Eva is our biggest horse.

She is a piebald mare.

She is owned by the Group.

Spell is a pure bred Connemara pony.

She a grey mare.

She is on permanent loan to the Group from the Ryan Family


Oreo is our newest arrival

She is a skewbald mare.

She is owned by the group


Logi is a Welsh Pony.

He is a dun gelding

He is just starting out on his RDA career but has been a star so far.

He is on loan from the Lopez Moreno family


Shandy is our smallest pony. He is a Welsh Section pony

He is a Palomino gelding.

He is owned by the group.

We would also like to you to meet the RDA ponies that are no longer used by the Group but were superstars in their time.

All these ponies and horses have played their part in the Group's history.

Riverside Past Ponies